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Without law men are beasts.

-Maxwell Anderson

Our Areas of Expertise

Commercial Law

We offer commercial related services which include, but not

limited to, the following:

• Drafting and reviewing of sale of business agreements;

 Drafting and reviewing of non-disclosure agreements;

 Drafting and reviewing of various loan agreements; and

 Providing legal opinions on any commercially related legal issue.

Engineering and Construction Law

We advise clients on construction related matters including the interpretation and enforcement of various forms of engineering and construction contracts, which include but not limited to;

 New Engineering Contract (NEC),

 Joint Building Contracts Committee,

 International Federation of Consulting Engineers and others.


SB Attorneys is equipped to handle any range of complexities

whether in mediation, arbitration, enquiries, tribunals, tender processes or court proceedings.

We assist our clients in;

 Instituting and defending/opposing legal actions and/or applications in the High Courts and Magistrates Courts on all legal disputes;

 Engaging in settlement negotiations and drafting settlement agreements; and

• Advising clients on pre-litigation issues and Alternative Disputes Resolution mechanisms.

Media and Entertainment Law

We assist our clients in negotiating, reviewing and drafting media and entertainment related contract.

We also provide advice on any other incidental matters.

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